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   Quality Books by:

   Aleister Crowley    Victor B. Neuburg
     - The Big Stick         - A Green Garland 
     - The Rites of Eleusis (SOLD OUT)      - Songs of the Grove 
     - The Drug (SOLD OUT)      - Rosa Ignota 
     - The Psychology of Hashish (SOLD OUT)      - The New Diana (SOLD OUT)   
     - The Revival of Magick (SOLD OUT)    
     - Hymn to Pan (SOLD OUT)  


The 100th Monkey Press Book Store


The 100th Monkey Press is proud to offer a series of hand-bound, limited edition publications from a variety of authors including Aleister Crowley, Victor B. Neuburg and others.








     The 100th Monkey Press is proud to announce the publication of The Big Stick by Aleister Crowley.  Available in a very limited hand-bound edition of only 150 copies.





     In a 23 March 1923 letter from Aleister Crowley to Norman Robb (Nathan Rabinowitz) he states "I am glad you liked the Book Reviews.  Some people used to buy The Equinox for these alone, it proves the possession of an excellent sense of humour to enjoy them.ly 150 copies.





     This volume is a compilation of book reviews written by Aleister Crowley and published in The Equinox, The International, and other periodicals of the time.  Over 180 reviews, all done in Crowley’s inimitable style, are reproduced here in one volume.

     Crowley began the practice of publishing book reviews in September 1909 with Volume I, No. 2 of The Equinox and continued for the next 8 issues finally ending in September 1913.   His review column in The Equinox eventually came to be called “The Big Stick”

     The reviews published in The Equinox were, for the most part, written by Crowley, but also featured such luminaries as J.F.C. Fuller, Victor B. Neuburg, and others.  Although he would occasionally sign a review with his own name or initials, Crowley typically chose instead to use a multitude of aliases.  When he traveled to America he continued the practice of publishing book reviews from September 1915 through February 1918 as editor of The International.  When he revived The Equinox in March 1919 with Volume III, No. 1, reviews were again included.

     The subject matter of the books he reviewed ranged anywhere from poetry to politics, from the spiritual to the mundane, and from science to the occult.  Crowley apparently was more than happy to put forth his literary and philosophical opinions about most any subject that came to his attention.  He was never less than honest in his opinions and although he was certainly capable of writing a caustic review when he felt a book deserved it, he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend something he felt was praiseworthy.  Those whom Crowley found unworthy, such as A. E. Waite, often found themselves on the receiving end of a scathing review.  Although he attacked Waite in general and his occult publications in particular, he praised Waite’s books of poetry.  All in all these reviews provide a critical look at period publications from Crowley’s unique point of view.

     Crowley obviously enjoyed writing these reviews and the 100th Monkey Press is pleased to present them to you in this consolidated form.  We hope you enjoy them too.



     Each book is bound by hand and measures 8 1/2” x 11”.  146 pages.  Printed on 24 pound text weight, acid-free premium Mohawk superfine paper.  Bound in an acid-free, glued-up composition cover consisting of cork over custom printed end sheets.  The text is set in Malgun Gothic font.  The book is bound with hemp cord in a Japanese style binding with a spine fashioned from faux leather with a bound in “stick”.


     As an added bonus, each book comes with a hand-bound copy of Crowley's “Slugs on Strawberries.”


     As usual, each copy also includes a handsome themed bookplate and bookmark.


Edition limited to 150 numbered copies.  Price:  US $22.95













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