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» Aleister Crowley
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   Aleister Crowley

   Victor B. Neuburg

     - The Wizard Way

     - Swift Wings - 50% OFF - NOW $9.50

     - Cocaine

     - A Green Garland - 50% OFF - NOW $9.50

     - Sir Palamedes

     - Songs of the Grove - 50% OFF - NOW $9.50

     - The Big Stick - 50% OFF - NOW $11.50

     - Rosa Ignota - 50% OFF - NOW $11.00


     - The Book of the Law (SOLD OUT) 

   Frater Achad

     - Absinthe:  the Green Goddess (SOLD OUT) 

    - The Essays of Frater Achad (SOLD OUT)

     - The Rites of Eleusis (SOLD OUT)

   Victor B. Neuburg

     - The Drug (SOLD OUT)

      - The Magical Record of Omnia Vincam (SOLD OUT)

     - The Psychology of Hashish (SOLD OUT)

     - The New Diana (SOLD OUT)   

     - The Revival of Magick (SOLD OUT)


     - Hymn to Pan (SOLD OUT)



The 100th Monkey Press Book Store


The 100th Monkey Press is proud to offer a series of hand-bound, limited edition publications from a variety of authors including Aleister Crowley, Victor B. Neuburg and others.






A deluxe edition of Aleister Crowley’s essay "Cocaine".  Available in a very limited hand-bound edition of only 150 copies. Edition limited to 150 numbered copies.  Price:  US $24.95





     Aleister Crowley’s essay on cocaine was first published in the October 1917 edition of The International.  His examination of cocaine and its role in society is an important document in any serious discussion of the history of recreational drugs.



     Each book is bound by hand and measures 8 1/2” x 5 1/2".  51 pages.  Printed in red and black on a high quality 70 pound text weight, acid-free paper specifically chosen for this edition.  Bound using a stab style with the spine incorporating textured wooden strips.  The text is set in a Berlin Sans FB font.  The book is contained in a decorative silk-screened slipcase that mirrors the book's cover and incorporates an ornate metal accent.


     The book includes five original works of art commissioned especially for this edition with each work being protected by a bound-in tissue overlay.  Decorative graphics are featured throughout the book.


     As an added bonus, each book comes with a hand-bound copy of Crowley's The Drug Panic.”


     Included with each book is a handsome bookplate and bookmark.


Edition limited to 150 numbered copies.  Price:  US $24.95





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